Remotely Accessed Decision Support System for Transnational Environmental Risk Management, STRiM


The main objective of STRiM is to establish a remotely and commonly accessed system for decision support of risk management at the transnational level. After studying the existing national systems and the scientific state of the art in risk management, the project will define a complete service on risk management at the transnational level, comprising

  • a user-friendly automated Risk assessment model linked to GIS environment for implementing best practice and
  • a complete set of documents and software available to the users in order to examine and justify alternative scenarios.

Four transnational pilot actions in water/drought, flood, ecosystems, and forest management will be carried out. Stakeholders in Risk management will be trained in the system by researcher-partners in an international seminar and in every partner-country in local seminars.

Continuous support and consultancy will be available through the system for the post-project period.

Type of projectNational
Duration from01/2006
Duration till06/2018