FP7 ERMES project ‘Greek Open Day’

The 2016 Greek Open Day of the FP7 ERMES project was succesfully organised by FMRS in collaboration with ELGO-DEMETER in Thessaloniki on the 20th December 2016. The one day workshop entitled ‘Sustainable Management of Rice Crops Using State-of-the-art Remote Sensing Technologies’ focused on the presentation of the final products and services developed in ERMES to…

The National Observatory of Forest Fires to be presented at the HOLISTIC project Infoday

The National Observatory of Forest Fires (NOFFi) will be presented by Dr. Eleni Dragozi at the HOLISTIC Seismic and Wildfire Risks project Infoday that will take place in Corfu during the period 28-29 September 2016, Divani Corfu Palace, Corfu island. For the full programm of the event open the pdf file below. Attachment


FMRS participates at GEOBIA 2016

During the last 10 years GEOBIA has grown from a niche discipline to a recognized and vibrant branch of geoinformation science, and methods developed by the growing community have helped to tackle problems in virtually all domains where geographic data are used. The National Observatory of Forest Fires Fuel Mapping service (NOFFi – FM) will…