GEOLAND 2The goal of geoland2 is (i) to prepare, validate and demonstrate pre-operational service chains and products that will underpin the LMCS (Land Monitoring Core Service), and (ii) to propose and demonstrate a concrete functional organisation of the LMCS. GEOLAND 2 – Towards an operational FP7-SPACE-2007-1- 218795 Type of project: National Duration from: 09/2008 Duration…


GEOLANDIntegrating EO Monitoring Capacities to Support the Implementation of European Directives and Policies Related to Land Cover and Vegetation. GEOLAND – GMES Products & Services – FP-6 2002-SPACE-1,EC FP-6 GMES IP on Land Cover & Vegetation) Priority AERO-2.2 – Aeronautics and Space Type of project: National Duration from: 01/2004 Duration till: 04/2006